Miller voices concerns about access to home care in Parry Sound region

Published on March 26, 2018

QUEEN’S PARK – Parry Sound-Muskoka MPP Norm Miller made the following statement
in the Legislature to tell the government about the complaints he has been hearing about long wait times and lack of access to home care in the Parry Sound area:
I rise to today to highlight serious issues plaguing home care in my riding, particularly in thedistrict of Parry Sound.
Since the local care contract was renegotiated and the government awarded the deal to a new care provider, I’ve heard over and over again from constituents in desperate need of care. I’ve heard from people who are being sent home from the hospital with no supports in place. I’ve heard from individuals who are already accessing home care, but since the change in providers are getting spotty, disorganized care, if they receive care at all.
I’ve also heard from individuals who are told there are no personal support workers available and who weren’t even being offered the option of being put on a wait-list. Upon complaining,all these constituents are told by the care provider that there’s a lack of PSWs in the area. However, I’ve also heard from PSW’s who have taken jobs in other fields because of the lack of compensation for travel time make continuing in their chosen profession impossible.
This is a clear case of the government thinking one model will work for the entire province. I would, however, point out while a PSW in an urban area could spend the entire day treating patients within a few city blocks, a PSW in the north might have to travel three hours in a day to reach all their patients and, as of now, those three hours are unpaid.
My constituents have made it clear to me that they are angry with this government’s choice to contract a company that cannot provide services that were previously provided under another service provider and who seemingly do not have the staff for the job that they bid on.